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Sphinx update for Twilight Vs is out, but will probably go under changes

Posted by reclusenutcase - January 23rd, 2022

As the description says. I got the sphinx up and running, but she's an early release, so feel free to fight her and see what glitches and softlocks you can find. She seemed really solid when I got her running, but it's easy to overlook things. I think I mispelled Daring Do in one part too, so there will be patching soon to come. So far I set her up at high difficulty, but intend to gradually nerf her since it's hard to know how far too far is at times. I gotta hire a dedicated tester or something.

Hope you like it.




Tried her a few times. Good fight. I like how her projectiles can basically all come at you at once.

Twilight's vagina should be visible while she's getting unbirthed. And the victories are all unsatisfying.

Yeah, I noticed I couldn't get any artists involved in ending images, but this boss has been running me a whole year, so I felt it would be best to have endings in the form of a looping animation for all of them. The winning endings were just an after thought. Mostly just simple ideas, and reviving dead memes. The next boss hopefully won't run me a whole year, and I'll be able to enjoy animating her too. With a boss that has 6 game overs, I don't think I'll be beating that count in the next one.

Also I wouldn't mind being a tester.

once I figure out the testing system they have here on newgrounds, I'll try to hit you up.

What game are you currently working on?

Currently taking a short break while dabbling in godot. I got 3d2d and twilight vs, goals, but unsure which I'll go with first.

It's a very good fight, love all the different endings you can have. I would say add some more riddles and more ways she can "punish" Twilight. But I did find a little bug/exploit in the fight. When she hypnotizes you, if you use the arrow keys instead of WASD and hold the left arrow key, Twilight will stay in place while you can use WASD to break free. That's the only thing I noticed while fighting her and it's up to you if you want to get rid of it.

Tried the Sphinx battle. She's really nice. My one gripe about this is that the struggle buttons are mapped to the arrow keys, not WASD. I don't know if this is just me, but because I can't play the game itself in full screen, when the arrows come up, the page jostles all over the place.

The paw swipes don't seem to deal much damage when compared to everything else. I would suggest the riddle battles should occur more often. And if you win 4 in a row, you beat her automatically.

Would also recommend making Twilight jump a bit higher. Right now, if I saw this properly, the timing for her jumps when arrows and boulders are coming needs to be fairly precise.

Regarding the struggle under hypnosis mechanic, I would either remove the penalty, or limit it to just left or right. When you get hypnotized right in front of her, panic button mashing is da wae :P